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Welcome to the community forum for the University of Tasmania’s Young Irelander ‘Exiles in Paradise’ website.

This is the place where you can share your knowledge and reflections about the Young Irelanders. Our hope is that those interested in the Young Irelanders — as historians, community leaders or descendants — will contribute so that we can fill gaps in knowledge, correct errors and celebrate their achievements.

Your support can help us to develop a greater understanding of their activities in Tasmania and around the world.

How Can I Contribute?

Review the information provided on the Young Irelander ‘Exiles in Paradise’ website, and on the pages currently available in this community forum wiki. If you think you have a contribution to make, you can:

  • Edit the relevant page on this wiki.
  • Post a message on this wiki. You can select Discussion above and write and post a message.

See Help for more information on editing, posting, and other things you can do in this wiki.

We welcome all constructive entries and postings.

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